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BetaRam NICK N SHEAR® Tube cutoff die sets provide clean, minimum burr "Dimple Free" cuts.  

All NICK N SHEAR® dimple free die sets feature a unique die jaw cartridge that saves set up time. With two cartridges in a typical system, one cartridge is set up and inspected off line while the other one is in use. Size changes are achieved by removing the production cartridge and replacing it with the pre-set unit. A typical change over is usually completed in just a few minutes.

NICK N SHEAR® die sets feature a "push across"
horizontal blade action for better blade support. Improved blade support results in much better blade life.

All BetaRam NICK N SHEAR® dimple free die sets are built using tolerance detail drawings in order to insure that all of the BetaRam follow-up replacement parts fit according to design.

BetaRam maintains a very active dieset repair service where the user sends a master die set to BetaRam for inspection. Repairs are quoted as identified at inspection, and the user chooses to repair or return the die set.

BetaRam NICK N SHEAR® die sets have been applied to flying cutoff systems since the early 1980's.

All BetaRam NICK N SHEAR® die sets are protected by USA and foreign patents and patents pending.


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